Legal information Real estate and land sales in Thailand

• We recommended that buyer consult with a local professional lawyer to review the   documents concerning the property and to supervise the transfer.

• It is highly recommended that a proper land search at the land office is carried out prior to    signing a contract for purchasing a piece of land.

• If a buyer is considering buying a second hand home, we recommend that a proper survey   of the property is to be carried out before the final decision.

To make sure that your investment is secured, you should consult with a reputable business advisor and lawyer to carry out "due diligence" and have all contracts prepared or at least reviewed by your legal representative. Once this is done your investment is as secure as anywhere else in the world.
We can recommend local professionals to help you with the purchasing of a property. Please contact us for further assistance.

 Legal advice

* The information provided here is for information purposes only. We advice to those who is considering purchasing property in Thailand to seek proper professional legal advice.

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